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Shady Oaks Sale Terms & Conditions


The terms of the sale are cash; the right of property shall not pass until after settlement is made.  All settlements will be made with the clerks of the sale immediately following the conclusion of the sale and before any cattle will be released from the ranch.


Settlement for the full purchased price of the animal will be made the day of the sale. Checks will be held and not cashed until delivery of the bull.

Certificate of Registry

A certificate of registry and transfer will be furnished for each animal sold as a registered animal, after settlement has been made.


Health Status

All cattle are on a complete vaccination program supervised by Dr. Gibb Mouser of Turtle Creek Vet Service of Ten Strike, MN. Any questions concerning health protocols should be directed to Eric or Alaina Mousel and you are welcome to verify any protocols with Dr. Mouser @ 218.368.6827.

Breeding Soundness Evaluations (BSE)

Breeding soundness evaluation will be conducted post-sale near April 15 to ensure that all animals are at, or as near as possible, to one year of age at the time of testing. We fully guarantee that these bulls will pass the BSE before the 2021 breeding season. If your breeding season is after June 1, we recommend having bulls retested 30-45 days before your breeding season begins. If for any reason, you purchase a bull and that bull does not pass a BSE, you will be contacted immediately. You can wait to have the bull retested if you wish; if you do not wish to wait for a retest, you do not own the bull that failed test, no questions asked. A replacement will be provided if possible.

Phone bids

We understand that some folks just plain can’t be at the ranch on Bull Day. However, if you are interested in buying a bull even if you aren’t here, we invite you to call one of the Buyer Representatives before 11 AM CST on March 20, 2021 to leave a proxy bid. The buyer rep will keep your proxy bid confidential and will attempt to purchase a bull for you at the lowest cost possible.

If you anticipate leaving a proxy bid with a buyer rep on Bull Day, we encourage you to come visit us at the ranch prior to Bull Day and view the bulls. However, if this is not possible, feel free to purchase a bull risk-free with our Sight Unseen Program with a proxy bid. View our Sight Unseen Guarantee (below) for more details.

We do not guarantee that you will be able to actively participate in the Cowboy Auction live on the phone as cell service is sketchy at best and we have gotten rid of all landlines at the ranch. Therefore, we encourage the use of proxy bids to minimize confusion.

The buyer rep will not be allowed to purchase a bull for more than your proxy amount. If there is any confusion post-sale, you will not be held responsible for the miscommunication and you will not own any bull purchased in your name for more than you requested.

Sight Unseen Guarantee

We encourage prospective buyers that can’t attend in person on Bull Day to feel comfortable buying a bull sight unseen with our Sight Unseen Guarantee.

It boils down to if you buy a bull with a proxy bid sight unseen and you don’t like the bull when it is delivered, you don’t own it, no questions asked. Yes, that’s it.

Furthermore, if there is any confusion concerning proxy bids post-sale, you will not be held responsible for any miscommunications between you and your buyer rep; you will not own any bull purchased in your name for more than you requested.

Shady Oaks Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Any animal that is accepted at delivery is the property of the Buyer and Shady Oaks Red Angus is not responsible henceforth. Any claims for adjustment or refund following acceptance at delivery must be made in writing within 6 months of sale date, with the exception of claims involving defects or parentage. In the event a claim is made in writing to Shady Oaks Red Angus, the animal may be returned to the farm of the Seller if in good condition and complying with the health requirements of the Seller’s state. Cost of transportation is the responsibility of the Buyer. The Seller then has the option to provide a replacement of equal value to the Buyer if one is available or grant credit to the Buyer for use on any products marketed by the Seller.  

Retained Interest

We are NOT retaining an interest in this year’s  bulls in the sale.

Keeping bulls after the sale

Shady Oaks Red Angus will keep and feed all bulls from sale day until June 1, 2021 at no charge. After June 1, 2021, any bulls not picked up or delivered will be fed at a charge of $3.50 per head per day.


Free point-to-point delivery within the state of Minnesota. Free delivery to central points (auction barns, vet clinics, or participating ranches) in border states. Delivery to non-border states will be to central delivery points at cost of $3.00/loaded mile from closest point at Minnesota state border.

Updated Information

Any and all new information including ultrasound data, updated carcass EPD information, actual yearling weights, changes to previously reported data, etc. will be available on a supplement sheet the day of the event. The information on the supplement sheet takes precedence over anything printed in this catalog.


All announcements made on Bull Day take precedence over anything printed in this catalog.


Neither the owners, sale managers, clerks, nor anyone connected with Bull Day assumes responsibility, legal or otherwise, for damages of any kind.

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